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Call Before you Dig!

According to the Iowa One Call website, when underground facilities such as gas pipelines, fiber optic cable and water lines are disrupted by farming excavations, so are the lives of rural farming communities. Iowa law requires all farmers and ranchers … Continue reading

Enter our Coloring Contest in April!

To celebrate National Safe Digging Month, GRM Networks® is having a coloring contest for children whose parent(s) or legal guardian(s) are current customers of GRM Networks®, LTC Networks® or SCC Networks®. Participants will be divided into 3 categories by age: … Continue reading

Happy Spring!

As a welcome sign to many of us, yesterday was officially the first day of Spring! As residents of Missouri and Iowa, we are all very familiar with the fact that there are 4 seasons, and Spring is probably a … Continue reading

Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Across the United States, March 17 is a day many claim to be Irish or Irish at heart. With parades and festivals, the celebrations honoring the Patron Saint of Ireland are enjoyed by many. However, the intended meaning of St. … Continue reading

Deadline EXTENDED!!

There’s no time to waste. We’ve extended our Internet promotion from February. You now have until March 31, 2016 to save $80 when you add new Internet service. You’ll get $5 off for the first 6 months, PLUS a $50 … Continue reading

Why do we have Leap Year?

Every 4 years, the calendar we use in the United States adds an extra day in February, called Leap Day. This is added to extend the year by one day. But, do you know why we do this? This practice … Continue reading


Welcome to the GRM Networks weekly blog! Each week, we’ll post a story, piece of advice, or share an article with information we want you to know. You can find all the past articles here on our website, and we’ll … Continue reading

Avoid Ransomware

Don’t be a victim of ransomeware! Be aware of an enhanced threat from hackers trying to make money by holding your files for ransom. CryptoWall 3.0 is estimated to have generated $325 million in ransom from hundreds of thousands of … Continue reading