GRM Internet Service

Web Email

With GRM Networks’ Web email, you can send and receive email through your account from anywhere that you have internet access*. Now you don’t have to worry about missing important emails when you’re away from home.


  • Read email
  • Reply to email
  • Forward email
  • Compose new email
  • Delete email, one or more at a time
  • Create multiple folders to store your email
  • Create an address book to keep track of all your family and friends email addresses

GRM Networks’ Web email is a Web-based email client. As such, it stores the email you receive on the GRM Networks email server. All GRM Networks customer’s emailboxes have a size limit of 1GB. If you do not clean out your emailbox from time to time by deleting some old emails, you may possibly fill up your emailbox over a short period of time. When this happens any incoming email will be sent back to the sender with an error message that your emailbox is full and cannot accept any more email.

Any email that is more than 30 days old may also be deleted from the system from time to time. If you must save any email for longer periods of time it is best to print out a hard copy of the email or download the email with a desktop based email client, such as Outlook Express.

*This access is not guaranteed. GRM Networks cannot control external Internet connections, and therefore you may experience accessibility issues in foreign countries, or rarely with incompatible Internet connections.