GRM Phone Service

Calling Features

GRM Networks, LTC Networks and SCC Networks Custom Calling features will save you time and allow you more control over your telephone use. Dial 777 from anywhere in the area for pricing and availability. To learn more about any feature, just click on the feature name.

Anonymous Call Rejection

Refuse calls from those who have blocked their numbers.

Auto Redial/Callback

Get through to busy numbers as soon as they are free.

Call Acceptance List

Decide which calls you will take.

Call Forward

Let your calls follow you to another number.

Call Forward Busy

When your line is busy, your callers can reach someone else.

Call Forward No Answer

Whenever you can’t answer, forward your calls to someone who can.

Calling Name and Number (Caller ID)

See who is calling before you answer the phone.

Calling Number

See the number calling before you answer the phone.

Call Rejection List

Don’t let unwanted calls disturb you.

Call Trace

Identify harassing callers through the phone company.

Call Waiting

You’ll know when another caller is trying to reach you.

Distinctive Ringing/Call Waiting

You’ll know when someone special is calling.

Incoming Call Return

Easily dial your last caller even if you didn’t answer.

Per-Call Blocking

Block your name and number from being displayed to others.

Selective Call Forwarding

Decide which callers should follow you to another number.

Speed Calling

Quickly dial 8 of your most frequently called numbers.

Speed Calling 30

Quickly dial 30 of your most frequently called numbers.

Teen Service

Allows two telephone numbers to be assigned to the same line.

Three-Way Calling

Talk with two people in different places – at the same time.

Voice Mail