Skitter TV

Skitter TV is television service provided by GRM Networks for customers of GRM Networks, SCC Networks and LTC Networks. Skitter TV is IPTV (Internet protocol television) and runs over your existing phone line. This means that by installing Skitter TV hardware in your home, you can stream live TV using your new or existing connection. Skitter TV offers a wide array of video programming, including the most popular major networks! Skitter TV also includes local channels to keep you informed. See the channel guide for more information.

Skitter TV offers you better up times than cable or satellite TV. Check out these top reasons to choose Skitter TV:

  1. Because Skitter TV runs over your Internet connection, severe weather will not affect your service! You can stay tuned to your favorite news or weather channel for all the latest updates to stay safe.
  2. Get the channels you want! Skitter TV provides the most popular networks, grouped into three robust packages.
  3. Skitter TV provides FREE HD channels for many major networks, with stunning quality.
  4. Have multiple TVs in the house? No problem!
  5. Live TV recording services are available, so you never have to miss a minute of your favorite program.
  6. Enjoy the same friendly, hometown service you already love.
  7. Make it a bundle! One bill, one payment for all your services.

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