Click on the links below to read press releases about computer scams which might be affecting our customers. As we are notified of these scams, we are taking the appropriate action to contact the authorities who research and prosecute these scammers.

Remote Computer Access Press Release

Pop Up Scam Press Release

IRS Phone Call Scam

Phishing Scam Notice January 2017



Avoid Ransomware
NEW ON MAY 16, 2016: Click here to read an article from our partner SecurityCoverage, Inc. about two new Ransomware attacks.
Click here to read our blog about ransomware
Click here to watch a news story about ransomware from KSHB in Kansas City


Microsoft Scams
Some customers have reported receiving calls from spammers claiming to be from Microsoft. These scammers request access to your computer to fix some issues, but if you give them access to your computer, they may steal your information and use it illegally. They may also lock some of your files and charge you money to unlock them. The following are phone numbers customers have reported that these calls are coming from:


Email Validation Scam
If you get the email below in your inbox, do NOT click on the links. This is a phishing scam, and the creators will attempt to use your personal information to steal your identity.

Email scam 2-16


Phone Call Scam
The week of May 9, 2016, we were made aware of a scam targeting our customers. We had a report of a customer receiving a call from a man claiming to be with a cable company on behalf of GRM Networks, and the caller wanted to schedule a time to come check the lines in the customer’s house. The caller claimed we were doing some changes and would need in the house to do them. This call came from a long distance number.

While it’s true that we may contact you if we need to do work in your home, we will identify ourselves as GRM Networks, and the call will come from a local number. Most likely, we will only call you if you have previously reported an issue, or if we are upgrading our network. If you have ANY suspicions about a call you receive of this type, ask the caller if you can call back, and then call our office to verify that you received the call from us. You can reach us by simply dialing 777 from your landline phone.


iTunes Gift Card Payment Scam
Be very cautious if you buy something from a seller online or in person and they ask for payment in the form of iTunes gift cards, or any other type of gift cards. Read this article from to learn more: