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How to Prepare to Enter a Ticket with One Call

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National Safe Digging Month serves as a reminder to all people who excavate or dig to call 811 to have the approximate location of their utility lines marked. This process helps prevent injuries, property damage, and inconvenient utility outages.

When you need to enter a ticket, make sure that you have all of the following information about your locate request.

  • Caller’s name, address and contact information
  • Excavator’s name, address and contact information
  • Date and time when excavation is scheduled to begin
  • If excavation will be on the public right of way
  • Physical address where work will be taking place and/or names of the two intersecting streets the job site is between
  • Location on the property where the digging will take place and if the area is marked with white flags
  • Type and extent of the proposed excavation and if explosives will be used

Call 811 before you dig! It will keep you safe, save you money, and it’s the law!