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1st Quarter GRM Networks Community Improvement Grant Recipients

GRM Networks® has announced the 1st quarter 2016 GRM Networks® Community Improvement Grant Program recipients. They are as follows:

The City of Grand River, IA, was awarded $500 to help repair and renovate the city ball field.

q1 grant photo grand river

Pictured from left to right are City of Grand River Mayor Craig Stogdill and GRM Networks Customer Service Representative Dora Marcus.

The Newtown Community 4-H Club of Newtown, MO, received $250 to repair the cook shack and restrooms at the ballpark. Also, the 4-H members participating in the woodworking project category will construct a picnic table to be located at the ballpark.

q1 grant newtown 4h club

Pictured in the front row from left to right: Johannes Oaks, Tristen Faulkner, Landry Oaks and Brett Otto. Back row from left to right: Nathan Wells, GRM Networks Combination Technician Joe McFee, Matthew Wells, 4H Project Leader Mike Otto, GRM Networks CSR Shawna Robinson, and Grant Oaks.

The Parnell United Methodist Church of Parnell, MO, plans to use their $250 grant towards the purchase of a new sign that will be placed at the entrance of the city. The sign will be used to announce community events and activities.

q1 grant Parnell UMC

Pictured in the photo from left to right: GRM Networks Combination Technician Randy Dougan, PUMC Board Member Donna Masters, GRM Networks CSR Kathy Groves, Regan Stiens, Noah Cordell, PUMC Board Secretary Debbie Cordell, and PUMC Board President Steven Cordell.

Lamoni Parks and Recreation of Lamoni, IA, was given $250 to use towards the purchase of a new grill for the concession stand at the ballpark.

q1 grant Lamoni Parks and Rec

Pictured from left to right are GRM Networks Customer Service Representative Dora Marcus and Lamoni Community Center Director Brandon De Cook.

Since 1999, GRM Networks® has awarded 224 grants to deserving community organizations in its serving territory. To apply for a GRM Networks® Community Improvement Grant, visit or stop by any GRM Networks® business office and pick up an application. Questions should be directed to Cindy Roy, Marketing Representative, at (660) 748-2117.

June 30, 2016 is the deadline to submit applications for the 2nd quarter grants.