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Get Connected with SuperNet 15, 25 or 50


A quality Internet connection at home is your lifeline to the world. As a customer of GRM Networks®, LTC Networks® or SCC Networks®, you may have a Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) connection. The FTTH connection enables you to receive Internet speeds that are faster than many of your friends and neighbors in other rural communities can receive.

By using SuperNet Internet service, provided by GRM Networks®, LTC Networks® or SCC Networks®, you can experience ultimate gaming speeds, stream movies without buffering and connect multiple devices all at the same time. With the wireless router that is included with your service, you can easily connect smart TV’s, tablets, laptops, and cell phones to your wireless home network.

Q: Would a SuperNet connection allow you to telecommute and work from home?
A: With the FTTH network and a fixed, not a wireless, Internet connection, employees are able to easily connect to their corporate network. Web based meetings and trainings are also accessible. We offer SuperNet 15, SuperNet 25 and SuperNet 50. You can select the connection speed that works best for your home or business.

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SuperNet is not available in all locations. Call for availability. Six-month Internet contract is required. All GRM Networks, SCC Networks and LTC Networks Internet connections require GRM Networks, SCC Networks or LTC Networks landline service.