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Columbus Day

columbus-day_2Monday, October 10th is Columbus Day.  The GRM Networks® offices will be open and ready to serve you. As we celebrate this national holiday, you might consider that if Columbus were to make that same voyage today, it might look a little like this.

Using the world wide web, Columbus would submit a grant to the King and Queen of Spain to fund his adventure. He would then search LinkedIn for the top sailors and recruit them for the voyage. Upon completion of ordering his supplies through Amazon, he would plot his course using GPS on his phone or iPad.

As he sailed the vast ocean, Columbus and his crew would update their family, friends and the entire watching world using Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat. Columbus would then search Yelp to determine which islands would have the friendliest natives and best supplies to restock their ships.

Today we remember the courage of these brave men who set out into the unknown to discover this great land we now call home.