Missouri Ruralist, an agriculture publication, has featured GRM Networks and Princeton, Missouri-based farmer Troy Meinke in its online edition. The stories, Broadband Boost Coming for Farms in Northern Missouri and Broadband Revives Rural Communities complete the series of articles written by the publication’s editor, Mindy Ward. (The slideshow Rural phones: Can you hear me now? | Farm Progress appeared in a December on-line version of Missouri Ruralist and featured the history of phones on display in the GRM Networks Princeton office.) At this time, the articles are also scheduled to appear in the February print version of the magazine.

Ward interviewed Meinke, a life-long Mercer County farmer and Ron Hinds, CEO of GRM Networks, about the impact of the $41.6 million ReConnect grant/loan awarded to GRM Networks by the USDA. The grant/loan brings GRM Networks closer to its goal of offering high-speed fiber to homes and businesses in all GRM Networks’ exchanges. The $41.6 million grant/loan is the next step, as it will bring fiber to the next eight exchanges in the GRM Networks coverage area slated for fiber.