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Wi-Fi interference is a frustrating inconvenience. This month’s Tech Talk with Steve Habben, Internet technician at GRM Networks, covers Wi-Fi signal strength and available apps users can use to measure the signal strength.

“Good signal quality is vital to having a good user experience,” said Habben. “Knowing your Wi-Fi signal strength helps you troubleshoot issues when they arise.”

To help determine signal strength Habben suggests the following apps:
1. Wi-Fi SweetSpots
2. Wi-Fi Analyzer

As users troubleshoot issues, Habben says, “moving a device 10 feet could improve the wireless signal strength as much as -10 decibel milliwatts (dBm) to -15 dBm allowing a better signal.” (Wireless signal strength is measured in negative decibel milliwatts.) He also says router location plays a key factor in getting good coverage in homes or businesses.

To learn more about the Wi-Fi signal strength needed for online activities, Habben suggests the following resource: Wi-Fi Signal Strength: What Is a Good Signal And How Do You Measure It.

An overview of the Wi-Fi Analyzer app may be found by clicking here.