The following are health and safety measures implemented at GRM Networks to ensure the continued delivery of quality service to our customers while protecting the health of our employees and the public.

• Customer service representatives (CSRs) — and help desk associates — continue to assist customers by phone. The 24/7 tech support line is 800-721-2577.

• During business hours, CSRs will continue to answer questions, receive trouble reports and accept credit card payments by phone or via GRM Networks’ eBill online payment system. Our online billing service, with automatic bill pay, is easy and convenient and a great option to use during this time. To enroll, please contact your local business office. Payments may also be mailed or deposited in the drop box outside each office. Business offices may be reached at the following numbers:

GRM Networks Princeton: 800-451-2301
GRM Networks Bethany: 800-551-1930
GRM Networks Leon: 800-551-1940
SCC Networks: 800-782-7932
LTC Networks: 877-742-5553

• Prior to a technician being dispatched to a location, a CSR will ask customers questions to determine if anyone at that location is sick with any illness that can be spread person-to-person. The technician will then ask those questions again prior to entering any location. If needed, there are ways GRM Networks can repair service that does not involve entering the customer’s location.

• GRM Networks technicians continue to conduct installations and on-site repairs at healthy locations. GRM Networks employees are taking precautions to clean their hands and equipment between service calls. Employees are aware of the signs of illness; it is at the discretion of the technician whether they will enter a home or business location.