The Federal Communications Commission is warning consumers about another phone scam. In this scam, dubbed ‘One Ring’, robocallers target consumers by allowing the phone to ring only once and then stop. The FCC is urging consumers to not return the call if they do not recognize the number from which it came. By returning the call, consumers risk calling a phone number that is outside the United States.

The FCC says scammers behind these one-ring calls use numbers that resemble three-digit area codes allowing the call to appear to originate in the United States. The FCC says scammers may also use spoofing techniques to disguise the number that appears in the phone’s caller ID. Spoofing is when the phone’s identification panel displays a number that is not the actual number from which the call is being made.

While it may be tempting to know who is calling or called, the FCC advises consumers to not answer or return calls from unfamiliar numbers. Follow this link for more information or to learn about the variations of this scam.