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It is frustrating when trying to connect a device to the Internet and nothing happens. An immediate thought is the Internet is down. However, Steve Habben, Internet Technician at GRM Networks, says that may not always be the case and offers a few troubleshooting suggestions to help solve the problem.

“It’s a normal reaction to initially assume that when a device loses connection the Internet is down,” said Habben. “But in reality there could be several issues affecting it.” Those issues range from how the device connects to the Internet to the device’s settings.

Habben first suggests checking other devices to see if they are connected to the Internet. If these devices are connected, then it is an issue with the device in question.

Second, he suggests a device reboot. “This is the easiest way to reset the network connection,” said Habben.

Next, check to see if the wireless is enabled. “This happens often,” he says. “The wireless will get turned off by accidentally touching a button or clicking the wrong tab or setting.”

Another suggestion is to reconnect the device to the wireless service set identifier or SSID. “Do you get any errors? Is the device connected to Wi-Fi but there is no Internet? Does the device have airplane mode and if so is it off?” asks Habben. He also notes, sometimes forgetting the network connection and reconnecting the device will help.

If available, use any Ethernet-connected device in the home to confirm the Internet is working. “If several devices are having only Wi-Fi issues, there could be an issue with the wireless modem and not the Internet, says Habben. “Trouble shooting with only one device doesn’t mean the Internet is not working or the service is down.”

Habben says connection issues can also stem from malware or a virus that has downloaded onto the device. “It is a good idea to scan for these issues as the device could be infected,” says Habben. “When this happens it is not an Internet issue. It is the malware or virus that is disabling the settings and you may not know that.”

Internet connection issues can also be caused when the bandwidth or Wi-Fi’s limitations are reached, says Habben. When this happens, many users reboot the modem. However, that usually does not solve the problem as it keeps reoccurring. “The issue will repeat itself and the user will again reboot the modem,” says Habben. “This is not a connection issue but rather an issue of bandwidth usage and can be reviewed with us at GRM Networks.”

Habben says it is a good idea to log the issues experienced as an issue may need to be reviewed. “Good notes help and provide direction when assistance or an on-site visit is needed,” he said.

Finally, consider the different devices in use on your network and how they are impacting your Internet connection and Wi-Fi. “Ask yourself what other devices are using your Internet connection and what are they doing; are they streaming, gaming or surfing?” asks Habben. “If you have tried these suggestions and are still experiencing difficulty, please contact us at 800-721-2577 so we can further assist you in troubleshooting the issue.”