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Affordable Connectivity Program

The Annual Meeting of GRM Networks was held August 19, 2020, at the cooperative’s corporate office in Princeton, Mo.

Members who returned their vote by proxy were entered into a prize drawing for Series 5 Apple Watches, Amazon Fire TV Sticks, Amazon Echo Dots, Ring Doorbells and $25 GRM Networks Bill Credits with credit being applied to the October invoice. Congratulations to the following winners:

Apple Watch Series 5 GPS:
• Donna R. Hollinger, Lineville, Iowa
• Carolyn J. Reger, Newtown, Mo.

Amazon Fire TV Stick:
• Jerry and Barbara Bennett, Browning, Mo.
• Holly Fairley, Newtown, Mo.
• Glenna Waugh, Leon, Iowa

Amazon Echo Dot:
• Diannie Constable, Ridgeway, Mo.
• Johnathan C. and Emily Jacobs, Eagleville, Mo.
• Phyllis Johnson, Mercer, Mo.
• Jerry Shipley, Galt, Mo.
• John R. Weaver, Blockton, Iowa

Ring Doorbell:
• Evelyn C. Quick, Leon, Iowa
• Nancy L. Stark, Mercer, Mo.

$25 GRM Networks Bill Credit:
• Sharmin Axtell, Laredo, Mo.
• Henry L. Boegli, Blythedale, Mo.
• William and Lisa Cain, Cainsville, Mo.
• Orville Dale Craig, New Hampton, Mo.
• Charles E. Crawford, Trenton, Mo.
• Darwin E. Gere, Van Wert, Iowa
• Cindy Gilliland, Eagleville, Mo.
• Galen Gregory, Guilford, Mo.
• David R. Heck, Gilman City, Mo.
• Winn Holt, Harris, Mo.
• Sandra L. Johnson, Linneus, Mo.
• Jack L. Lyle, Barnard, Mo.
• David D. Mulnix, Bethany, Mo
• Elizabeth Polsdofer, Lineville, Iowa
• Caleb Ridge, Blockton, Iowa
• Joyce M. Shanks, Browning, Mo.
• Danny and Tracy Smith, Parnell, Mo.
• Dakota Stanton, Bethany, Mo.
• Dorothy Taul, Trenton, Mo.
• Todd Willhite, Bethany, Mo.