The Annual Meeting of GRM Networks was held August 19, 2020, at the cooperative’s corporate office in Princeton, Mo.

Members who returned their vote by proxy were entered into a prize drawing for Series 5 Apple Watches, Amazon Fire TV Sticks, Amazon Echo Dots, Ring Doorbells and $25 GRM Networks Bill Credits with credit being applied to the October invoice. Congratulations to the following winners:

Apple Watch Series 5 GPS:
• Donna R. Hollinger, Lineville, Iowa
• Carolyn J. Reger, Newtown, Mo.

Amazon Fire TV Stick:
• Jerry and Barbara Bennett, Browning, Mo.
• Holly Fairley, Newtown, Mo.
• Glenna Waugh, Leon, Iowa

Amazon Echo Dot:
• Diannie Constable, Ridgeway, Mo.
• Johnathan C. and Emily Jacobs, Eagleville, Mo.
• Phyllis Johnson, Mercer, Mo.
• Jerry Shipley, Galt, Mo.
• John R. Weaver, Blockton, Iowa

Ring Doorbell:
• Evelyn C. Quick, Leon, Iowa
• Nancy L. Stark, Mercer, Mo.

$25 GRM Networks Bill Credit:
• Sharmin Axtell, Laredo, Mo.
• Henry L. Boegli, Blythedale, Mo.
• William and Lisa Cain, Cainsville, Mo.
• Orville Dale Craig, New Hampton, Mo.
• Charles E. Crawford, Trenton, Mo.
• Darwin E. Gere, Van Wert, Iowa
• Cindy Gilliland, Eagleville, Mo.
• Galen Gregory, Guilford, Mo.
• David R. Heck, Gilman City, Mo.
• Winn Holt, Harris, Mo.
• Sandra L. Johnson, Linneus, Mo.
• Jack L. Lyle, Barnard, Mo.
• David D. Mulnix, Bethany, Mo
• Elizabeth Polsdofer, Lineville, Iowa
• Caleb Ridge, Blockton, Iowa
• Joyce M. Shanks, Browning, Mo.
• Danny and Tracy Smith, Parnell, Mo.
• Dakota Stanton, Bethany, Mo.
• Dorothy Taul, Trenton, Mo.
• Todd Willhite, Bethany, Mo.