Living in a connected world delivers many benefits such as working from home, on-line school or shopping and instant communication with friends and relatives. A good cybersecurity plan is important to help ensure your connectivity is safe and secure. Below are some questions that will help you evaluate the role cybersecurity plays in your life.
• Are you aware of the many different types of malware that are circulating in the cyber sphere and how they affect you and your devices?
o Due to the ever-changing landscape of malware, it is important that you use an antivirus software to keep your devices safe and secure.
o Just because you have antivirus software does not mean you can relax. Many experts suggest you create backups of your devices, only connect trusted devices to your network and do your due diligence when opening documents and attachments.

• Are you keeping your devices and software up to date with software patches and updates?
o Shut the door on hackers and take advantage of the patches and updates provided by manufactures and software developers as these contain fixes or solutions to known vulnerabilities.
o Please note, these patches and updates need to be applied throughout your device ecosystem that includes your personal computer, smartphone, apps, browsers, software clients, and other electronic devices that may be connected to your network.

• Are you watching your identity like a hawk?
o Just as you set aside time to tackle everyday tasks, set aside a regular time to check on the health of your identity.
o Keep your personally identifiable information (PII) close to the vest.
o Regularly validate charges on credit cards, bank accounts and health care statements.
o Take caution when discarding personal information.
o Watch for things out of the ordinary.

• Are you mounting a great defense against hackers?
o Although the importance of a strong password has been mentioned in previous articles, it is vital to keeping your devices and information safe. Think of the password as the deadbolt on the door to your house that keeps you and your family safe from intruders.
o As a reminder, a good password is long, unique and complex.