The Decatur County Conservation Board has been awarded a $5,000 grant via the Economic Development Opportunity Funds (EDOF) program established by GRM Networks and managed by the Decatur County Development Corporation (DCDC). The funds will be used to help cover expenses related to finishing the Savanna Hills Learning Center. The Center will provide many economic development benefits and educational opportunities for the community.

EDOF are comprised of unclaimed capital credits of former GRM Networks cooperative members who lived in Iowa. According to Iowa law, GRM Networks may donate the unclaimed capital credits back to the communities in which those residents lived. The unclaimed capital credits may be used only for business, economic and community development in the area in which they were earned.
GRM Networks District Manager Michael Jordison made the presentation.

Pictured above from left to right, front row are: Jordison and Richard Erke, Decatur County Conservation Board Director.

Second row: Shannon Erb, DCDC Board Member and Director of Marketing and Business Development at Decatur County Hospital, Jo Beth Smith, DCDC Executive Board and Chief Human Resources Officer at Decatur County Hospital, Kayla Stalder, Conservation Naturalist with the Decatur County Conservation Board, Sue Kelly, DCDC President and Lauren Terrell, VISTA member.

Third row: Bill Morain, DCDC Board Secretary, Gene Olson, member of Decatur County Conservation Board, Douglas Foster, DCDC Vice President, Emily Munter, DCDC Executive Director, John Dunsdon CPA, DCDC Director, and DCDC board members Marcia Stephens and Tammy Heintz.