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Ensure personal information is kept personal on the new tech gift unwrapped this Christmas with these simple cybersecurity tips:

  • Set the device, and its applications, for automatic updates
  • Enable automatic updates for anti-virus and anti-malware
  • Setup regular data backups

Continue the device’s setup by only downloading safe software or apps. Before downloading anything, research the software to determine if it is reputable. Select software or apps that have a large number of good reviews and offer regular updates and patches.

Setting a strong password is another crucial measure to ensuring the device is secure. A strong password includes:

  • one lowercase letter
  • one uppercase letter
  • a special character
  • a number
  • 12-15 characters in length

Further embrace security and enable multi-factor authentication when available. Consider using password recovery; this tool could help regain access when passwords are forgotten.

If this device is new from the manufacturer and replaces an older device, be sure to safely discard the older device. This includes:

  • signing out of all accounts
  • going into account portals and deauthorizing this old device as an authorized device
  • complete a factory reset
  • remove any additional peripherals such as an SD card, or memory card, that has been added to store photos or other materials
  • dispose of the old electronic device by following local guidelines

Post Holiday Shopping Cybersecurity

Continue cybersecurity vigilance post holidays by carefully reviewing bank and credit card statements. Contact the vendor or financial institution if there are charges that are in question.

  • Regularly review transactions on all accounts including online subscription services
  • Setup account alerts to be notified of potential theft or unauthorized activity
  • Do not open unsolicited email
  • Be cognizant of phishing attempts and post holiday scams. Scammers never take a vacation. If it sounds too good to be true then it probably is

Consider cybersecurity as part of a New Year’s resolution by incorporating these simple tips into the daily routine.