Fulfilling Our Pledge

Dear GRM Networks Customer,

A new year brings exciting news! Fiber-to-the-premise is coming to the rural Bethany and rural Princeton exchanges in Missouri, and to the Iowa exchanges of Blockton and Grand River. GRM Networks plans to begin burying fiber in these areas this spring.

Funding for this construction is from the November 2019 $41.6 million grant/loan awarded to GRM Networks by the United States Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) ReConnect Program. Since being awarded the grant/loan, GRM Networks has been working to secure the necessary approvals and permits to begin the construction.

Overall, the process to construct fiber is lengthy and detailed. Lengthy because a crew can only bury around one mile of fiber a day and detailed because of the many regulatory processes and permits that must be secured. Before construction can begin, we must work with federal and state government agencies to ensure environmental and historical preservation. No one at GRM Networks envisioned the approval and permitting processes to be as lengthy as they were, as it took a full year to complete. With our approvals in hand, we are poised to begin construction once the ground has thawed.

In addition to the ReConnect construction in the rural Bethany, rural Princeton, Blockton and Grand River exchanges, our own construction crew will complete the fiber build in the Spickard exchange in 2021.

This new fiber construction is as exciting as it is important. Please pardon our temporary disruption as we work to fulfill our pledge to bring the benefits of fiber to our entire service area.

God’s blessings!

Ron Hinds

CEO GRM Networks