Four area fire departments recently received a $500 Community Improvement Grant from GRM Networks. Through its Grant Program, GRM Networks has donated $500 to fire departments located in its coverage area. Grants were recently awarded to departments in the Missouri communities of Galt, Laredo, Linneus and Meadville.

Firefighters from the Galt Fire Department recently toured the GRM Networks central office at Galt. They included Department Captain Erik Jackson and Department Chief Terry Wynne.

Members of the Meadville Fire District recently toured the GRM Networks central office at Meadville. They included Meadville Fire Chief Mike Holcer, Fire District Secretary Kathy Seckington, Fire District Treasurer Ralph Jackson, Fire District President Jim Muck and Assistant Fire Chief Jeff Albertson.

Members of the Laredo Fire Department who toured the GRM Networks central office a Laredo were Bill Young, Bill Meeker, Derek Eckert and Kenneth Bowe.





Linneus Fire Chief Tony Hoskins, center, and Firefighter Kenny Hoskins, right, recently toured the GRM Networks central office at Linneus. The Linneus Fire Department was awarded a GRM Networks Community Improvement Grant by GRM Networks District Manager Nathan Evans pictured left.


Fire departments are a vital part of every community’s well-being. GRM Networks appreciates their dedication and commitment to keeping our communities safe. Along with the monetary donation, members of the fire departments toured the GRM Networks’ central office located in their respective districts. The tours provided an opportunity for the fire departments to learn about the operations and the crucial telecommunications equipment housed in the central office.