Dear GRM Networks Customer,

It is construction season at GRM Networks! Last month, fiber-to-the-premise construction began in the scheduled north Missouri exchanges.

Contractors began laying fiber in the rural Bethany and rural Princeton exchanges while our own construction crew began work in the rural Spickard exchange. We recently received contract approval from the United States Department of Agriculture’s Rural Utilities Service for fiber-to-the-premise construction in the Iowa exchanges of Grand River and Blockton. Construction in these two exchanges will begin soon.

Three construction crews will be heading up the fiber builds. MasTec of Shevlin, Minn., is burying the fiber for our rural Bethany customers while H&D Underground of Sleepy Eye, Minn., is working in the rural Princeton exchange and will also bury the fiber for customers in Grand River. North Missouri Construction from Chillicothe, Mo., will bury the fiber for Blockton customers.

Customers in these areas have also seen employees with Vantage Point Solutions, an engineering contractor also working on our behalf, preparing these locations for the fiber-to-the-premise upgrades.

We appreciate your patience and understanding. Building a brand new network takes time. Before we begin construction in your exchange, we spend a lot of time developing a detailed construction plan which involves obtaining federal, state and local permits. As the customer, you are contacted and told fiber is being built in your exchange. All utilities are located and weather permitting, construction begins with fiber laid in the ground. Once the fiber is placed, it is spliced or connected together and tested. Fiber is then connected to the exchange’s central office and it is tested again. Once everything is finalized, we circle back to you and ask you to select the Internet package that best fits your lifestyle. Through the entire process we pray the weather cooperates. Even though our crews are the best and we do everything possible to ensure a smooth build, roadblocks still happen.

The inconvenience of construction is temporary but the benefits of fast Internet service will last for decades. As we physically build fiber to these exchanges, we are fulfilling our pledge to bring fiber access to our entire service area. God’s blessings to all!


Ron Hinds