Now that you have reviewed and selected the streaming service that best fits your home or business’s needs and budget, it’s time to determine how you will stream content.

A means to stream content boils down to simply using a Smart TV (a television that connects to the Internet), streaming device or a gaming console.

You may already own a Smart TV. Major TV manufacturers announced production of Smart TVs beginning in 2015. If you do not own a Smart TV, there are many different streaming devices and gaming consoles that can be connected to your standard television to allow streaming.

Gaming consoles are more expensive than streaming devices. If you do not already have a gaming console, then you will probably be better served by choosing to purchase a streaming device instead.

When selecting and setting up any one of these, give consideration to:

  • What kind of network connectivity does it support?
    • Look for Dual-Band Wi-Fi 5/802.11AC.
  • Do you have good signal strength near the television?
    • Consider connecting to the 5GHZ band and aim for an RSSI of -40 to -70 dBm.
  • Will your Internet connection be wireless or hard wired?
    • Hard wired is best if possible.
  • On what kind of device do you want to stream?
    • Some have limitations.
  • What are the video outputs needed for the device you select?
    • HDMI is best.
  • What content do you want – live or on-demand?
  • What Internet speed is required by the service?
    • This can vary by the streaming package selected and the streaming quality settings for the service.
    • Streaming quality can also be affected by the output resolution of the streaming device selected.
  • Do you need it to integrate with other devices already in your home or business?
  • What content does it support in video output?
    • Confirm that the apps and services you want to use are supported by the streaming device.
  • What is the output resolution supported by the streaming device?

A reliable Internet connection, such as that available from GRM Networks, is needed regardless of which device is chosen.


Getting started is fairly easy. If you chose to stream using a device, follow the instructions associated with it to connect the device to your television. As mentioned earlier, Smart TVs have built in streaming capabilities so follow the instructions provided to begin streaming.

Many manufacturers offer short educational video tutorials that are found on the manufacturer’s website or YouTube channel.

Streaming provides you the availability to watch what you want, when you want. Enjoy!