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Dear GRM Networks Customer,

The month of October holds many important designations. Two particularly relevant to our work at GRM Networks are Cybersecurity Awareness Month and Co-op Month.

Cybersecurity is an important topic regularly discussed on our website, Facebook page and this newsletter. As a champion of cybersecurity, this month we will be featuring weekly articles on our Facebook page and our website at GRM Networks News | GRM Networks offering useful information and exploring careers in this field.

As a cooperative, our business structure offers many advantages to our members and our customers such as our local ownership. Our board members are your neighbors and friends. They are members of the co-op and live and work in the communities served by GRM Networks.

Our commitment to you and our communities is evident through our Community Improvement Grants and our sponsorship of many local community and school events. GRM Networks continually strives to positively influence the areas we all call home — not only through our tangible donations and support but also through our commitment to bring all our customers and members broadband Internet. GRM Networks has been designated a Smart Rural Community® provider by NTCA – The Rural Broadband Association.

The Smart Rural Community is a national program that promotes rural broadband and the role it plays in connecting communities such as ours. Our designation as a Smart Rural Community provider further demonstrates our support for economic development and access to education as well as telehealth. We will continually work to provide you the same broadband opportunities as those found in the most connected regions of America. You can read more about the Smart Rural Community program in the article “GRM Networks Brings Smart Rural Community Designation to Northern Missouri and Southern Iowa” which is found in this newsletter.

Thank you for allowing GRM Networks to serve you. We are proud to be your Smart Rural Community provider.


Mitchell Bailey