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Dear GRM Networks Customer,

It’s Cooperative Month — a month designated to celebrate the successes and benefits of a cooperative structure. I was recently a guest on The Rural Leaders Podcast with Richard Fordyce and Dana Peterson and while our discussion wasn’t focused on Cooperative Month, our conversation certainly mentioned the benefits of cooperatives.

Richard was formerly the administrator of the USDA Farm Service Agency (FSA) under the Trump administration. Previously, he held roles as the Missouri executive director of the FSA and director of the Missouri Department of Agriculture. He is from Harrison County Missouri, as he mentions in the podcast, we are his “local phone co-op”.  Dana is a consultant, and was formerly the Chief Strategy Officer at Emerging Prairie, Chief of Staff at the USDA FSA, and CEO of the National Association of Wheat Growers.

Rural connectivity is vital as our lives are so dependent on being connected. GRM Networks is helping change for the better how our communities connect and work as we continue to bring fiber networks to our customers.

Cooperatives are built out of determination to deliver a service or good. The resourcefulness and resilience of our predecessors led GRM Networks to provide clear communication services in rural north Missouri and southern Iowa. We applaud them as they embodied the pioneering spirit of collaboration and partnership to bring technology to our rural communities.

We are making a difference in our communities, not only through the technology but also through our tangible donations and support and through our commitment to bring fiber internet to all our customers and members. GRM Networks has been designated a Smart Rural Community® provider by NTCA – The Rural Broadband Association.

The Smart Rural Community is a national program that promotes rural broadband and the role it plays in connecting communities such as ours. Our designation as a Smart Rural Community provider further demonstrates our support for economic development and access to education as well as telehealth. We will continually work to provide you the same broadband opportunities as those found in the most connected regions of America.


Mitchell Bailey

CEO GRM Networks

Editors Note: You may access the podcast here. It is also available on several channels such as Amazon and Spotify.