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The City of Lamoni, Iowa, received $10,000 for a new city-wide comprehensive study. The funding was made available through GRM Networks’ Economic Development Opportunity Funds or EDOF and the Aureon Ripple Effect community development program. GRM Networks and Aureon both awarded $5,000 each to the study. This new plan will build upon the success of the city’s 2015 “Master Plan”.

GRM Networks’ EDOF are comprised of unclaimed capital credits of former GRM Networks cooperative members who lived in Iowa. According to Iowa law, GRM Networks may donate the unclaimed capital credits back to the communities in which those residents lived. The unclaimed capital credits may be used only for business, economic and community development in the area in which they were earned.

GRM Networks and the Iowa Area Development Group (IADG) oversee the allocation of EDOF. Projects for which funds may be considered are:

  • project and/or market feasibility studies
  • facilities and equipment which provide education and training to residents of rural areas that will promote economic development
  • facilities and equipment to provide medical care to residents of rural areas
  • projects that use advanced telecommunications or computer networks to facilitate medical or education services or job training
  • projects that create jobs

The 2015 study focused primarily on the U.S. Highway 69 corridor from I-35’s Exit 4 into the main section of town. The plan, among many other resources, initiated and prepared the community for several major developments along the corridor, including seven new business expansions, the expansion of the Lamoni Municipal Airport, and an Iowa Department of Transportation-sponsored corridor beautification program.

Recent growth has driven city officials to initiate an updated comprehensive plan with a broader focus on overall citywide development and zoning, in part to address vital new housing needs and downtown revitalization. The Southern Iowa Council of Governments will be performing the new study and have already begun initial steps.

For more information about the Comprehensive Plan, contact Lamoni City Hall at (641) 784-6311.

Aureon is a premier business solutions provider, with expertise in IT services, consulting and customer care. The Ripple Effect program was developed through a partnership alliance between Aureon and the IADG. The Ripple Effect program is administered by the IADG and helps Independent telecommunication companies and communities become catalysts for advancing the economic health and vitality of rural Iowa.