Fiber optic networks provide rural areas access to services and information, enhancing the quality of life. GRM Networks is proud to be a Smart Rural Community provider enabling precision agriculture throughout our communities.

The Agriculture Council of America sponsors National Ag Day, a day that recognizes the importance, contributions and many roles agriculture plays in our lives. This year National Ag Day is March 21 and celebrates its 50th anniversary. In honor of this day, GRM Networks takes a look at how our internet supports two local ag businesses.

The University of Missouri’s Thompson Farm at Spickard, Missouri, is one of 14 farms in the University’s system that comprises the Missouri Agricultural Experiment Station. The Thompson Farm is home to beef cattle production systems research and forest management research.

Farm Manager Stoney Coffman uses surveillance cameras and internet from GRM Networks to monitor the cattle through live video feeds. This is especially helpful when it’s calving time, allowing Coffman and his staff to remotely monitor the animals without disturbing the birthing process.

Roeslein Alternative Energy (RAE), founded in 2012, is a developer of renewable energy production facilities that convert agricultural and industrial waste into renewable natural gas and sustainable co-products.

GRM Networks supplies broadband to various RAE sites located in north Missouri, allowing project managers to “monitor the production of gas and relay important real-time information between offices,” said RAE Director of Communications Brandon Butler.

GRM Networks is proud to support the tools and technology of precision agriculture.