The Leon, Iowa, Chamber of Commerce’s Community Playground Committee was awarded two community grants to construct a new playground. The $500 Aureon Charity Grant and the $5,000 Foundation for Rural Service (FRS) Community Grant will be used to help build the new Little River Lookout Community Inclusive Playground. This new playground will include playground equipment that allows children with disabilities the opportunity to play in a safe outdoor space alongside their peers.

“Our partnerships with Aureon and FRS allow us to expand our positive impact on the communities we serve,” said Mitchell Bailey, Chief Executive Officer of GRM Networks. “We appreciate the dedication and financial contributions made to our communities by Aureon and FRS.”

Aureon is a statewide fiber network, owned by independent Iowa telephone companies. This grant was presented in conjunction with GRM Networks®, who sponsored the grant application. The Aureon Charity Grant Program was established in 1993 to increase service and support to rural independent telecommunication companies and the communities they serve. The Aureon Charity Grant Program awards grants on a quarterly basis and has donated more than $1 million to Iowa nonprofit organizations. To learn more, please contact Giving@Aureon.com.

Founded in 1994, FRS is the philanthropic arm of NTCA–The Rural Broadband Association. The FRS Community Grant Program awards grants that enable a broad range of community projects across rural America. GRM Networks contributed 10 percent of the total award amount for the grant awarded to the playground committee. This year, FRS awarded 23 grants totaling more than $105,000 that supports projects in communities served by NTCA members such as GRM Networks. More information about the FRS Community Grant Program may be found at grm.net/about-us/grants.