GRM Networks is supporting the future of agriculture with donations to four area Iowa FFA chapters. The Central Trail, Lamoni, Mormon Trail and Wayne chapters received a combined $27,000 to develop cooperative-minded projects that provide hands-on learning, where students are able to observe the cooperative structure and experience the economic and social benefits of cooperatives. Chapter advisers also focus on cooperative education in the classroom.

“As a member-owned cooperative, GRM Networks returns profits to its members in the form of capital credit checks,” said Mitchell Bailey, Chief Executive Officer of GRM Networks. “When some of those capital credit checks are not cashed by the members after three years, Iowa law allows GRM Networks to donate the unclaimed capital credits back to the communities in which those residents lived.”

These returned funds may be used for the benefit of the community for economic development and cooperative education. GRM Networks has worked with these four FFA chapters to assist them in developing innovative agricultural education opportunities for the students that incorporate and promote cooperative education.

“Investing in our youth is important to GRM Networks,” said Bailey. “Through the development of projects that provide practical learning, this monetary award will provide students the opportunity to learn about the cooperative structure.”

“Business cooperatives have a long history of providing a structure for working together to solve problems and create opportunities to improve communities,” said Bailey. “The FFA organization as a whole teaches students hands-on learning through student engagement, fostering problem-solving and critical thinking. These projects will not only further develop those skills but also impact their communities, embodying the cooperative spirit.”