GRM Networks and Aureon each awarded $5,000 to the City of Leon, Iowa’s downtown revitalization efforts to support exterior improvement projects in the downtown area.

The award from GRM Networks was funded through Economic Development Opportunity Funds (EDOF), consisting of unclaimed capital credits of former GRM Networks cooperative members from Iowa. As a cooperative, GRM Networks returns profits to its members in the form of capital credits. Extensive efforts are made to reach members who do not cash their capital credit checks. Under Iowa law, after efforts are exhausted and more than three years has passed, GRM Networks may donate the unclaimed capital credits back to the communities in which those residents lived. Returned funds must be used for specific purposes such as economic development.

The grants from GRM Networks and Aureon’s Ripple Effect, along with donations from individuals, business owners and the City of Leon, will reimburse preliminary architectural fees. Exterior improvements will be funded through the $650,000 Downtown Revitalization Grant (DTR) that the city was awarded by the state.

The DTR grant focuses on projects aimed at primarily front and highly visible side facades of commercial or mixed-use buildings within designated target areas. This comprehensive approach demonstrates the community’s commitment to revitalizing its downtown core. The DTR grant will revitalize nine buildings in downtown Leon, improving their appearance and functionality as well as boosting the local economy and supporting local businesses. The overall character and appeal of Leon’s downtown will be enhanced, contributing to a stronger sense of community pride and preserving the historic architecture of the city’s square.

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Developed through a partnership alliance between Aureon and Iowa Area Development Group (IADG), the Ripple Effect program helps Independent Broadband Companies and communities become catalysts for advancing the economic health and vitality of rural Iowa. Visit www.RippleEffectIowa.com for more information.