GRM Networks is excited to announce our partnership with Fiber Gaming Network (FGN) to provide our local gaming communities access to exclusive esports events. This partnership provides GRM Networks’ customers access to virtual game nights, tournaments and live streams at no extra cost.

Customers wishing to establish an account, go to FiberGamingNetwork.com and choose “GRM Networks” as your internet provider and enter your home address. You will then be prompted to setup your free account.

Area students who are not customers of GRM Networks can go to FiberGamingNetwork.com and select “Sign Up With Invite Code”. Students will enter their home address, then use their school’s code which can be obtained from their high school administrators.

Upcoming events for this month include:

  • Minecraft Game Nights
  • Mario Kart Deluxe Game Night
  • Kahoot! Trivia Night
  • Apex Legends Game Night
  • League of Legends Game Night
  • Super Smash Bros Ultimate Tournaments
  • Fortnite Tournaments

Later this month, the Iowa Communications Alliance is hosting the FGN Iowa Clash. This tournament is open to Iowa customers and students of sponsoring companies and offers a total prize purse of $7,500. Registration is now open and closes April 19.

Please contact your local business office if you have questions.

  • GRM Networks Princeton: 800-451-2301
  • GRM Networks Bethany: 800-551-1930
  • GRM Networks Leon: 800-551-1940
  • SCC Networks: 800-782-7932
  • LTC Networks: 877-742-5553