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Absolute Cable TV

Skitter TV Rebranding to Absolute Cable TV

Skitter TV has announced that it is rebranding and will now be known as Absolute Cable TV. GRM Networks is working to update our website and forms, and customers will begin seeing the Absolute Cable TV name instead of Skitter. The rebranded company will continue to deliver the same great programming offerings. This change will not affect packages or pricing.

As the change happens, the networks on Watch TV Everywhere (WTVE) will update the provider to Absolute Cable TV. The networks will not all update at the same time, so when you are searching for the channel under WTVE if you don’t find Absolute Cable TV, you will need to search for Skitter.  Below are instructions provided by Absolute Cable TV (Skitter):

When a customer has logged into WTVE and clicks on a network and is then redirected to that network’s website, the provider listed may still say “Skitter TV”. We recommend advising subscribers to search for “Absolute Cable TV” first and if they do not see it listed to search for “Skitter TV” to authenticate.  What comes up in the provider search is based on each programmer and whether or not they have updated our name on their end. We do not have a timeframe as to when all programmers will complete this process but please note that it may take some time.

In addition, it is unclear if a customer will have to log in again with WTVE to re-authenticate being that the provider name has changed. This may be required. All other requirements to either register or login should be the same.

Absolute Cable TV has provided this list showing which networks on WTVE are listing Absolute Cable TV as the provider, and which are still using Skitter. Please contact your local GRM Networks business office if you have questions.