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Kansas City Market Area: Available in Clinton, Daviess, Gentry, Grundy, Harrison, Linn, Livingston, Mercer, Nodaway and Worth counties

Kansas City Channel Lineup

Des Moines Market Area: Available in Clarke, Decatur, Lucas, Taylor, Union and Wayne counties

Des Moines Channel Lineup

Absolute Cable TV Programming Changes

February 1, 2023 – The NOW Network launched on Absolute Cable TV on Channel 98.

The NOW Television Network broadcasts the Gospel of Jesus Christ with a viewership of over 236 million homes in the US, Western Europe, & Sub-Saharan Africa on Cable & Satellite Television. You can learn more at https://www.thenownetwork.org/.

January 15, 2023 – EPIX has been officially renamed MGM+. They are offering the same quality programming as before under a different name.

 You can find more information about their programming and official press release in the links below:



 The name changes are as follows (channel numbering will remain the same):

 767 EPIX is now MGM+

768 EPIX2 is now MGM+ Hits

769 EPIX Hits is now MGM+ Marquee

770 EPIX Drive-In is now MGM+ Drive-In

January 1, 2023

Channels added to the lineup:

  • EPIX – Channel 767: The flagship channel; Epix airs blockbuster movies, original series, documentaries, and comedy and music specials.
  • EPIX2 – Channel 768: Epix’s secondary channel; it offers additional movies and specials, as well as repeats of original series and documentaries seen on the primary channel.
  • EPIX Hits – Channel 769: Epix Hits features recent and older theatrical feature films and documentaries, as well as original stand-up comedy and music specials previously seen on the main channel.
  • EPIX Drive-In – Channel 770: Formatted as a movie-centric service, Epix Drive-In focuses on action, comedy, science fiction, fantasy and horror films from the 1970s to the present (consisting of both mainstream and B movie releases).

Rebranded channels:

  • GAC Family – Channel 313 – This has been rebranded to Great American Family. There will be no change to programming.
  • TVG/TVG 2 – Channel 628/629 – These channels have been rebranded. The content will remain the same. They will now be named FanDuel TV and FanDuel TV 2 respectively.

Removed channels:

  • Outside TV – Channel 609
  • Olympic Channel – Channel 625