Business Phone Service

From party lines in the 50’s to private lines in the 60’s and 70’s to the feature rich options of the 2000’s, landline phone service has come a long way.  Phone service of today lets you see who is calling, forward your calls, and customize your voice mail greeting. Enjoy the convenience and security of knowing your phone is always connected without saying, “Can you hear me now?”

Business Local Phone Service

Monthly charges starting at


Unlimited Long Distance Now Available!

Now you can talk all you want with GRM Networks® Long Distance service. Our low monthly pricing keeps you connected without worrying about overage.

Grand River Long Distance and Lathrop Long Distance

With Grand River Long Distance and Lathrop Long Distance, you will get:

  • One monthly bill for all your local & long distance charges
  • Personal attention from a local customer service representative
  • Competitive rates

No Call List

Residential subscribers have the right to object to receiving commercial solicitations from telemarketers. Subscribers in Missouri can register their number by calling 866-289-9633 or going to Missouri and Iowa customers can both register with the National Do-Not-Call List by calling 888-382-1222 or by going to For access via TTY, call 866-290-4236. Consumers signing up by phone must call from the number they want to register. Placing your number on the National-Do-Not-Call registry will stop most, but not all, telemarketing calls. You may still receive calls from political organizations, charities, telephone surveys or companies with which you have an existing business relationship.


GRM Networks – Iowa
Leon Business Office
Allerton 641-873
Leon Office Blockton 641-788
Davis City 641-442
Davis City 660-735
Derby 641-533
Garden Grove 641-443
Grand River 641-773
Lamoni 641-784
Lamoni 660-878
Leon 641-446
Lineville 641-876
Lineville 660-875
Millerton 641-897
Thayer 641-338
Weldon/Van Wert 641-445
GRM Networks – Missouri
Princeton Business Office
Browning 660-946
Princeton Office Chula 660-639
Galt 660-673
Laredo 660-286
Linneus 660-895
Lucerne 660-793
Meadville 660-938
Mercer 660-382
Newtown/Harris 660-794
Powersville 660-592
Princeton 660-748
Purdin 660-244
Spickard 660-485
Bethany Business Office Barnard 660-652
Bethany Office Bethany 660-425
Brimson 660-789
Cainsville 660-893
Conception Junction 660-944
Darlington 660-666
Denver 660-326
Eagleville 660-867
Gentry 660-448
Gilman City 660-876
Graham 660-939
Jamesport 660-684
Mt. Moriah 660-824
New Hampton 660-439
Parnell 660-986
Ravenwood 660-937
Ridgeway 660-872
Sheridan 660-799
Washington Center 660-845
LTC Networks
Bethany Business Office
Lathrop 816-528
Lathrop 816-740
SCC Networks
Leon, Iowa Business Office
Corydon 641-872
Lorimor 641-763
Murray 641-447


Emergency Telephone Numbers (State/Federal)

State Highway Patrol
Missouri (St. Joseph): 816-387-2345
Missouri: 800-525-5555
Iowa: 800-525-5555
Iowa (Des Moines): 515-281-5824

Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)
Kansas City: 816-221-6100
Des Moines, Iowa: 515-223-4278
Or Dial Directory Assistance

Poison Control

Report Child Abuse and Neglect
Missouri: 800-392-3738
Iowa: 800-362-2178

Report Elder Abuse and Neglect
Missouri: 800-392-0210

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