Away from home or hear someone at the door in the middle of the night? Remotely watch and listen to what is going on with a surveillance camera. You may only need one camera or you may need a dozen – let us help you decide with a complimentary site survey completed by one of our installation technicians.

Surveillance Camera Systems Provided by GRM Networks

GRM Networks offers surveillance camera systems for your home, farm and business needs. Use one of our systems to monitor your property while you’re away, keep an eye on calving heifers, or deter malicious activity at your business. Each package detailed below includes a number of cameras, a recording device, a battery backup and basic installation.* If additional equipment is needed to make the system work (extended WiFi, additional cameras, etc.), that equipment will be priced separately.

With each package, you can choose to add full maintenance or parts maintenance.

Full Maintenance and Support Plan: This allows you unlimited support with your system. This would include a phone call to help install the monitoring app on your phone, to access recordings, to replace bad equipment, to re-run wiring if it goes bad, and any other support or equipment maintenance needs you may have. If you choose this plan, you must stay subscribed for a minimum of 1 year. You will receive this plan free for 30 days with any new installation.

Parts Maintenance Plan: If you don’t need the Full Maintenance and Support Plan, a lower-coverage Parts Maintenance Plan is available. The Parts Maintenance Plan covers replacement of equipment if you experience an issue. The plan allows for the cost to replace the equipment, but you will be responsible for labor and material costs to install the new piece of equipment. This plan is included for 1 year with any new installation.

For a custom quote, call Amy Davison at 888-748-2110.

Cameras require an Internet connection to be viewed remotely.

PackageOne-Time Package Price*Lease Price / Month**36 Month Lease48 Month LeaseFull Maintenance and Support PlanParts Maintenance / Month
8 Channel IP Package
- NVR with 1 TB Drive
- Switch
- 2 Bullet Cameras
8 Channel IP Package
- NVR with 2 TB Drive
- 4 Bullet Cameras
16 Channel IP Package
- NVR with 2 TB Drive
- 8 Bullet Cameras
32 Channel IP Package
- NVR with 4 TB Drive
- 16 Bullet Cameras
Calving Barn Package
- 8 Channel NVR with 2 TB Drive
- 6 Bullet Cameras
- Switch
- Nanostations
- Bud Box

 *All package prices are based on current equipment costs and estimated labor rates. All prices subject to change. All purchases will require a site visit to determine if additional labor costs are needed. All new customers must sign a contract and will have the option for a straight purchase, lease-purchase or straight lease payment plan. All plans will be detailed in a formal proposal after the site visit. The lease purchases require a 10% down payment.

**The monthly lease does not include the UPS, bud boxes, material or labor. These one-time charges will be determined after a site visit.