History of Flag Day: General

History of Flag Day

June 14 of every year is marked as Flag Day. The first known celebration of Flag Day in the United States was on June 14, 1885, at Stony Hill School located near Waubeka, Wisconsin. The 19 year old teacher, Bernard … Continue reading

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Make your life a little easier and sign up for automatic bill pay with paperless billing. It’s quick and easy. Just follow the steps listed below. Go to grm.net/ebill. Click on the link for your location. Log in if you … Continue reading

Celebrate Mom on Mother’s Day!

Sunday, May 8th is Mother’s Day. This is a day set aside to celebrate the love, kindness and wisdom our mothers give each day. But, do you know how it became a holiday? We gathered more about it to share … Continue reading

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There’s no time to waste. We’ve extended our Internet promotion from February. You now have until March 31, 2016 to save $80 when you add new Internet service. You’ll get $5 off for the first 6 months, PLUS a $50 … Continue reading

Why do we have Leap Year?

Every 4 years, the calendar we use in the United States adds an extra day in February, called Leap Day. This is added to extend the year by one day. But, do you know why we do this? This practice … Continue reading


Welcome to the GRM Networks weekly blog! Each week, we’ll post a story, piece of advice, or share an article with information we want you to know. You can find all the past articles here on our website, and we’ll … Continue reading