GRM Networks email uses the Zimbra mail platform. Access your email from any device by going to https://webmail.grm.net. It’s secure, feature rich and easy to use!

Check out our Getting Started information for tips on the GRM Networks Email suite of communication tools.

Email Client Settings

An email client is a computer program used to access a user’s email account. You may choose to use an email client or you may access your email directly through Webmail. Listed below are several common email clients, with links to information on how to set up the client with your GRM Networks email account. The email client server settings will be needed to properly set up, no matter which email client you choose.


Mac Mail

Outlook 2007

Outlook 2010/2013

Outlook 2019/365


Windows 8 Mail App

Windows 10 Mail App

   Apple iOS Devices (iPhone/iPad)

You may also need to know how to Update Existing Mail Client Settings.

Zimbra Webmail Guides

The Webmail guides below will help you learn more about the features and functions of your GRM Networks email on the Zimbra platform.

The Basics

Power User Guide




CalDAV and CardDAV


Rules and Filters

Spam Filter

Spam Tip Sheet

Learn More…

If you are looking for short “how to” videos on a function or feature of the Zimbra mail platform, you will find several great videos under the Zimbra Collaboration – Web Client Official Training, Tips, & Tricks.

To read all about the Zimbra mail platform, open up the Zimbra Web Client User Guide.

Grab the popcorn and watch a 1 hour and 53 minute webinar detailing the features and functions of the Zimbra Webmail Client.

Our 24/7 Tech Support line is available if you need assistance.

Please check the following items before you call.

  • If you are using Webmail, and you are getting an error when trying to access it, please try clearing your browser cache.
  • Go to https://webmail.grm.net to confirm that you can log in to your email account. Please remember to use your full @grm.net email address for the username.
  • If you are not receiving email in your email client, review your email client configuration (e.g. IncrediMail, Outlook, Thunderbird, etc.). Instructions for updating the information for your email client are linked above.
  • If you changed your password and you are using an email client, remember to update your email client settings with the new password. If you are using webmail and you are using a password manager, remember to update the stored password.
  • Make sure you entered your full @grm.net email address for your username.
  • Update your shortcuts or favorites that take you to the webmail portal (https://webmail.grm.net).
  • Refresh and/or close and reopen your email client (e.g. IncrediMail, Outlook, Thunderbird, etc.).
  • Reboot your impacted device(s) such as cell phone, tablets, or laptop computers.
  • Still having issues? Call the 24/7 tech support line at 800-721-2577.