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Advertised speeds are symmetrical and reflect the highest achievable outcome.  A $3.95 Equipment Fee is required.  Service availability varies by location.  Please contact your local business office for more information.

*If you have a fiber connection, you will experience connection speeds near 50 Mbps or 100 Mbps. If you have a copper connection, the company will provide you with the best possible connection speed not to exceed 50 Mbps or 100 Mbps. Copper customers that live closer to the central office or cabinet providing the service will be able to receive faster connection speeds than those customers that live several miles away. For an estimate of what your connection speed will be, please contact your local business office. Our service area page details which exchanges are served by fiber, copper, or a combination of fiber and copper.

Standard Installation Fee $100.00 one-time charge
Equipment Fee $3.95/month (required)
Smart WiFi $10.00/month (optional, see details here)

24/7 Technical Support 800-721-2577

How Much Speed Do I Need?

Our Bandwidth Estimator Quiz will help calculate the ideal internet speed for your household, to make sure you have enough bandwidth for streaming in addition to your family’s other internet activities.

Forms and Policies

  Forms and Policies

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Equipment Fee DETAILS

All internet customers are required to pay a monthly $3.95 Equipment Fee which will cover the replacement cost of the modem as well as labor, trip charge, and materials used during a service call. The Equipment Fee does not cover hardware that has been subjected to physical abuse or used with defective or non-compatible equipment, or where damage occurs due to acts of God, or other causes beyond GRM Networks’ control, including but not limited to lightning or other forms of power fluctuations. In no event shall provider be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, or consequential damages resulting from any defect in the hardware even if provider has been advised of the possibility of such damages.

In the event of internet connection issues, all customers will be required to call the 24/7 technical support line for assistance before a technician will be dispatched on a service call. All service calls will be performed during normal business hours.

Additional Subnet (IP'S)

Additional SubNet (IP’s) are available for $4.00/month per IP. Below is the pricing for multiple classifications.

$16.00/month for 1 usable IP,  /30 classification with 4 IP’s included
$32.00/month for up to 5 usable IP’s,  /29 classification with 8 IP’s included
$64.00/month for up to 13 usable IP’s,  /28 classification with 16 IP’s included

Other classifications are available, please call the business office for more information.


What is a fiber connection?

Fiber optic cable works by transporting light pulse signals and is less likely to be affected by external factors. Fiber optic cable can perform consistently for many decades. Electronic components at each end of a fiber connection can be easily upgraded to maintain and enhance reliability and performance throughout the long usable service life of the optical cable.

What does a fiber connection offer?

In an increasingly technological world, the average household has 7 – if not more – active connected devices. These devices may include smartphones, computers, tablets, and home security systems. The more devices that you have connected to your home internet connection, the more overall speed you need to support them. A high speed internet connection will allow you and your loved ones to utilize your service to do the things you enjoy:

  • Streaming TV shows, movies, and video. With a high speed fiber connection, you can stream content at amazing speeds with little to no buffering or delays.
  • Video conferencing. Whether you are working from home or catching up with loved ones across the world, you need a reliable internet connection and lightning-fast speeds. With a high-speed internet connection, the frequent disconnects, frozen picture, and poor video quality are things of the past.
  • Downloading and uploading photos, videos, and files. Smartphones and cameras continue to improve their image quality, resulting in files that are larger and can take longer to upload to social media or download from an email. With fiber, these wait times are cut down to seconds.
  • Online Gaming. As online gaming grows in popularity, so has the need for an internet connection that is incredibly fast and reliable. With our fiber connection, your gaming experience will be smoother with fewer delays and disconnects.

With our high speed fiber internet service, you will be able to use multiple devices at once without sacrificing speed, efficiently work from home using the highest speeds available, stream your favorite shows, download videos, and upload photos with very little wait time.

What is GIG Service?

Gig – or gigabit – service is equal to 1000 megabits per second. It’s incredibly fast, reliable, and it’s now available from your local internet service provider

Where are Fiber speeds available?

Within the exchanges, several different types of equipment are used to deliver high speed connections. Some exchanges are all Fiber-to-the-Premise (FTTP) and we can provide up to 1 GIG connection speeds. Some exchanges have both FTTP and copper. The customers on the FTTP connections can receive the faster connections but the copper customers will have limited connection speed options depending on the length of the copper cable between their location and the company equipment. Some exchanges have not been upgraded and continue to run on an all copper cable network. Our service area map details which exchanges are served by fiber, copper, or a combination of fiber and copper. Plans are in place to upgrade all GRM Networks exchanges to fiber as soon as possible.

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