Check Your Spam Email

GRM Networks Spam and Virus Filtering powered by Red Condor offers advanced email scrubbing and spam prevention.

What to expect from your new spam filtering service:

      1. You will be e-mailed a Spam Digest that includes the suspect email in your personal quarantine. Only suspect email that has arrived since the previous digest is included in each new Spam Digest. You will receive a daily notification called Spam Digest if you have suspect email.
      2. Review the contents of the Spam Digest. If you see a message you want, simply click the Release button to send it to your email inbox. There is no need to delete the unwanted email you see in your Spam Digest.
      3. You can adjust your personal email filter settings or search your quarantine by visiting your Personal Dashboard. A link is provided in each Spam Digest that will take you to the Personal Dashboard.

The personal dashboard has four tabs:

    • Quarantine: View, delete, and release filtered messages.
    • Settings: Manage your Spam Digest settings, such as frequency, format, content, and sort order.
    • Policies: Manage your filter settings.
    • Status: Reports of your mailbox name, aliases, digest status, digest history, and monthly activity.

Login to your personal dashboard by clicking on this link: GRM Networks Spam and Virus Filtering

Helpful Links for Navigating GRM Networks Spam and Virus Filtering:

For a short tutorial click on this link: Video of Personal Dashboard

Please contact the GRM Networks Help Desk at 1-800-721-2577 with additional questions.