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Save Rural Broadband

In February 2011, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) proposed new rules that place broadband network investments and operations of rural telecommunications companies at risk, to the detriment of rural consumers and small businesses. We need rural customers to reach out to their members of Congress and encourage them to tell the FCC to set aside and reject the February 2011 FCC proposals and instead adopt the rural associations’ plan.

Rural Broadband: Essential to Prosperity. Vital to America
High-speed broadband Internet access has become an essential service in rural America, but new government rules being proposed by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) could impact your access to broadband Internet service.

The federal government created the Universal Service Fund to ensure that all Americans have access to affordable communications services. Like many rural companies, GRM Networks has been the recipient of USF and has invested millions of dollars over the years to build advanced networks to meet the needs of customers. This has been done with the understanding that the government would continue to support our efforts through USF. However, the FCC wants to do away with USF and other financing methods that support rural, high-cost telephone and broadband services.

GRM Networks is dedicated to delivering and upgrading the broadband foundation to meet the challenges of the telecommunications revolution. But USF funding is essential to sustaining this foundation. Recently, GRM Networks and several customers were featured in a short video explaining the importance of broadband connections in rural areas of Missouri and Iowa. To view the video and find more information on the FCC proposed changes go to and click on the ad, “We can’t afford to lose broadband in rural America”.

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