Managed Wi-Fi 

Managed Wi-Fi provides absolute assurance of both in-home signal coverage and device connection performance.

Managed Wi-Fi $14.95/month

Includes the following:

  • Monthly Equipment Fee
  • One Access Point – The first Access Point is included. If additional Access Points are needed to ensure proper wi-fi coverage of your home, you may lease Additional Access points for $4.95/month each or purchase Additional Access points for $115.00 each.
  • 24/7 Concierge Hotline – Can’t get a device to connect, or work properly with your wi-fi network? No worries! Managed Wi-Fi customers are provided a hotline dedicated to our managed service customers. Our advanced diagnostic tools and trained staff will ensure you go directly to the front of the line to get any issue resolved quickly and effectively.
  • 24 Hour In-Home Wi-Fi Monitoring – Diagnostic tools constantly monitor the health and utilization of our wi-fi network assuring that subscribed bandwidth is consistently available to all the devices within your home. If issues are detected with your Internet connection, we’ll proactively address them before they impact you!
  • No Cost Next Day In-Home Issue Resolution – Can’t get an issue resolved remotely? No problem, we’ll dispatch a technician to address the issue by no later than the next business day.
  • Worry Free Equipment Replacement Guarantee – If the modem or access points fail or are operating below spec, they will be replaced at no charge by no later than the next business day.
  • Signal Saturation Guarantee – Our in-home evaluation will engineer an in-home wi-fi environment that guarantees no dead zones within your home. Specify where you want coverage, and we’ll engineer a solution to ensure you get the most our of your Internet connection.


Access Points for Additional Wi-Fi  Coverage

If you only want to extend your Wi-Fi coverage without the Managed Wi-Fi service, you may purchase additional Access Points for $115.00 each, or lease additional Access Points for $4.95.


Extended Wi-Fi and Extended Point to Point Wi-Fi 

Do you ever wish that you could connect a wireless device to your GRM Internet service while you are in your yard, garage, or out building? With the new Extended Wi-Fi service or the Extended Point to Point Wi-Fi service you can!

How Does Extended Wi-Fi Work?

The Extended Wi-Fi service is a simple solution for connecting to your GRM Internet outside of your home. By installing a device that plugs into your GRM Internet modem on the outside of your house, the Wi-Fi signal will be broadcast several hundred feet. This will allow you to connect to the Internet with a tablet, laptop or smartphone. The connection is kept secure by using a unique number that is associated with only your service.

What is the difference between Extended Wi-Fi and Extended Point-to-Point Wi-Fi?

The signal being broadcast with the Extended Wi-Fi equipment goes in all directions. The signal being broadcast with the Extended Point-to-Point Wi-Fi is a directional signal and is sent from one specific device to another specific device. For example, with Extended Point-to-Point Wi-Fi, the GRM Internet signal is transmitted through a device on the outside of your house to a second device that is mounted on the outside of your building. The receiving device that is mounted on the building is wired to a modem inside the building.  From this point, you can use the modem to set up a wireless connection inside the building, you can hard wire a desktop to the modem or you can do both.

Extending your GRM Internet will offer you more mobility with your wireless devices and can enable you to connect surveillance cameras to your network.

If the Extended Wi-Fi or Extended Point-to-Point Wi-Fi would work well for you, please call your local business office.

  • The Extended Wi-Fi service is $10.00 per month.
  • GRM Networks will maintain the equipment.
  • Customer will be charged a one-time installation fee of $99.00.


  •  The Extended Point-to-Point Wi-Fi service is $20.00 per month.
  • GRM Networks will maintain the wireless bridge and the additional modem.
  • Customer will be charged a one-time installation fee of $199.00.