Extended WiFi


Boost your current GRM Networks WiFi signal and take your internet to a whole new level!

Our Extended WiFi expands your signal to the porch, pool, barn, shop, or man cave!

Options to Expand WiFi Outside or to Other Buildings on the Property

Want to use your laptop in the backyard by the pool?  Want to set up a TV to watch the big game in your shop, man cave or she-shed behind the house? We have buried cable and wireless options to help you make this happen!  Extended WiFi must be on the same property as the router.

There are multiple methods we can use to extend your WiFi service to other buildings or locations on your property, depending on factors such as distance, type of facilities (fiber or copper), etc. Equipment purchase price may range from about $115 to $370 plus the cost of installation. Equipment may also be leased for approximately $10 to $20 per month, plus the cost of installation. Equipment availability may be limited. Pricing is estimated and may be subject to change.

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