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GRM Networks and Real Estate Professionals:

Connecting Northern Missouri and Southern Iowa

Today, high speed internet is not just a bonus, its a requirement. Learn how you can sell more homes with Fiber Homes

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Listing Agents

Fiber availability can boost the value of your listing. Use our free marketing materials to highlight this premier internet access for any of our certified Fiber Homes that you may be listing.

Buyer’s Agents

Today’s home buyers demand high-speed internet service for their new home. With Fiber Homes, you can show them the speeds, pricing and providers available at any location.

Fiber and Real Estate

Whether it’s a video call for work, remote school lessons, or just streaming the latest entertainment options, having a super fast, super reliable connection at your home has become more important than ever. GRM Networks is committed to bringing a best-in-class experience to all of the communities we serve, which includes making sure the local real estate agents know exactly which homes have access to our premier internet service. Fiber internet increases the home’s value for listing agents, and makes a home more desirable for buyers agents. It’s a win/win situation!

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If it’s not a certified Fiber Home, we’ll still show you what kind of internet technology has been reported in the area.

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Get marketing materials to boost the value of a Fiber Home listing or access provider info for your buyers.

What Is Fiber?

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