Service Area

GRM Networks is a member owned cooperative that provides communication services to customers located within a 4,500 square mile area that covers 44 exchanges in northern Missouri and southern Iowa.

LTC Networks and SCC Networks are subsidiaries of GRM Networks that cover an additional four exchanges in Iowa and Missouri, and are not part of the cooperative.

Our service area encompasses the exchanges outlined in blue in the map below. Zoom in to see if your location is in our service area, or contact our friendly customer service representatives at your local GRM Networks business office with any questions.

Internet connection speeds will vary depending on the location and type of equipment that delivers the service.

Complete FTTP Exchanges in Iowa

All Iowa exchanges are completely Fiber-to-the-Premise: Allerton, Blockton, Corydon, Davis City, Derby, Garden Grove, Grand River, Lamoni, Leon, Lineville, Lorimor, Millerton, Murray, Thayer and Weldon

Complete FTTP Exchanges in Missouri

Bethany, Browning, Cainsville, Chula, Conception Junction, Denver, Eagleville, Galt, Gentry, Graham, Laredo, Lathrop, Linneus, Lucerne, Meadville, Mercer, Mount Moriah, New Hampton, Newtown, Parnell, Powersville, Princeton, Purdin, Ravenwood, Ridgeway, Sheridan and Spickard

FTTP and Copper Exchanges in Missouri

Barnard, Brimson, Darlington and Jamesport

Copper Exchanges in Missouri

Gilman City and Washington Center

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