Mail with Avast Anti-Virus

Additional instructions for computers running Avast Anti-Virus.

1. Close your mail client.

2. Double click on the Avast control panel in lower right hand corner by the clock, to open the Avast management console.

3. In the Avast management console, click on “Real-Time Shields”.

4. In the menu that appears on left side, click on “Mail Shield”.

5. Uncheck “Scan Inbound messages” and “Scan outbound messages”.

6. Click on “Expert Settings” button.

7. In the new window that opens, click on “SSL accounts”, on left side.

8. At the bottom of this screen, uncheck “Automatically detect and warn about unprotected SSL connections”.

9. Click OK to close the window.

10. Close out of the Avast management console.

11. Open your mail client and check your email. It should now begin to download.